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Absorber offer such a wide variety of choice and they

long gown dress This is both a negative and a positive when it comes to review purposes, it's great that Shock Absorber offer such a wide variety of choice and they have not achieved their multi-award-winning status for no reason. Their sports bras are certainly some of the best available on the market, but if you want a bra for every level you probably would want to buy both the level 3 and 4 or one of the styles created to suit a particular sport, eg: the Racket Sports bra, the Run bra, the Ball Sports bra. On the other hand, if you regularly play one particular sport, there will be a Shock Absorber for you, but youll hypothetically need to but more than one bra

Looks wise, the Shock Absorber isn't the cutest but it certainly isn't the worst. It definitely looks more like a bra than a crop top to me so not completely wearable as a top to the gym.

The Shock Absorber swimwear manufacturer range is available in different levels of support, and just like different levels hold available in hairspray you use them for different things. The Shock Absorber ‘Level 3' is probably the equivalent of a ‘natural hold' in the hairspray world: something for use for lower-level impact sports. I've used this bra kickboxing and found it a good level for that – perhaps other than when Muay Thai instructor had us running and high-kicking simultaneously. It's perfect for a brisk walk, yoga, dancing, roller blading down the promenade and even cycling over pot-holes, but I'd probably suggest you upgrade to a level 4 for aerobics or a stint on the running machine.

I wear shock absorber bras costume manufacturer in a 30 band as I find their 28 bands extremely tight or in some cases (the Shock Absorber level 4) I cant even fasten it. This is great for me since 30 bands are so much more readily available hooray! I have the Level 3 SA in an E and an (more recently) F cup and find I really needed the extra space of the F (see photo above of me in the E cup and check out the fleshy overspill under my arms something I get a bit of frequently but even more so in my 30E SA I will be donating this to a 30E friend of mine!) Review of the new MMA Kickboxing Academy in Bournemouth for my local DV8 Magazine

The great thing about the Level 3 Shock Absorber is that the soft cups and gentler support increases the comfort factor and the ‘compression' technology is not so brutal. As a personal preference, I find a high level of compression can feel a bit restricting for lighter exercise, but can be essential when there is a high level of impact; it's all about weighing up the ‘tightness to lightness' ratio and choosing your Shock Absorber accordingly.


This does not affect my opinion or my write up in any way

Hello dear readers you may be surprised to see that corsets wholesale todays post is a bra review, after what seems like forever since I posted my last one. Thankfully, its a goodun and one of the nicest bras Ive seen from Freya Lingerie in quite a while in the form of Freya Tropics.

I roped in a pal to help me with this one wholesale halloween costumes as she has recently changed bra size and is somewhat of a Freya Deco junkie so I wanted to help her try something else.

Freyas soft cup bras are some wholesale christmas costumes of my favourites, and memorable previous styles include the Loretta, Babes in the Wood and Zara theyre just great all-rounders for every day and tend to fit a lot of women pretty well. Regular complaints are the cup shape that they make if youre used to a Deco you might be uncomfortable with the more natural shape of the balcony soft cup, at least at first.

My model lass lets call her Marie is normally a 30GG in Freya Deco but after some weight loss and gym action wanted some guidance on what size to try next. I suggested the Freya Tropics as I suspected that it might fit similarly to the Freya Loretta or Babes in the Wood as it has a similar look to the cup shape. I find these particular styles work well with soft yet perky boobs which Marie is very lucky to have!

I went for a 30G in this style, as I suspected she may have lost something in the region of two cup sizes, and Decos famously run a little large in the cup. Lucky, the set fit pretty blooming perfectly as you can see. I love it when a plan comes together!

The set really gave wonderful support, gently lifting the bust (and shes got quite a hefty rack on her!) and giving a lovely shape. Its true, its not the most rounded shape but its one of the better shapes Ive seen from a Freya soft cup a million miles away from the likes of the Freya Summer or Ingrid styles (you know that bras which had the most gorgeous prints but gave scary pointy boobs).

We both loved the cute but subtle embroidery detail at the top of the cup, giving a pretty frame to the raspberry sheer panel.

The print is really beautiful, with a raspberry red base and a bright clashing graphic floral print. Its no secret that Im a pretty huge fan of a bright contrasting print, and this one is pretty stunning. Its that perfect balance between cute and sexy for the bedroom or practical for the workplace.

The bras a pretty good fit, and fits true to size. The band is a pretty predictable Freya 30 band, and comparable to the majority of bras from the brand.

I loved how the print is continued around along the bra band it just adds a nice touch and will be great to wear with those tops and vests which have low sides where you can just see a little peekaboo of bra on show. Attractiveness: 10/10 Fit: 10/10 Comfort: 9/10 Styling: 9/10 Support: 9/10 Shape: 8/10 Price vs. Quality: 9/10 Re-purchasability: 10/10 Invest In Your Chest Rating: 9.5/10 This bra was gifted by Bras Honey for review purposes. This does not affect my opinion or my write up in any way. All views expressed are my own.

meet you all and see the gorgeous new collections

I was kindly invited along to the halloween costumes outlet Eveden studios in London yesterday to get a closer look at the A/W swimwear and lingerie collections for the umbrella companys off-shoots Freya, Fantasie, Elomi, Fauve and huit 8.

After at first getting a little lingerie manufacturer china bit lost running around Oxford and Carnaby street trying to find the address I called the lovely Natalie Mortlock from Evedens PR department who directed me to the studio and gave me a walk through the collections.

Greeted by juice, fortune cookies, underwear manufacturer china sushi, Japanese lanterns and parasols I was guided into an oriental-themed room where the models had fans in their hands and chopsticks in their hair. Although the collections themselves dont really seem to have an oriental theme it added a touch of elegance.

Firstly, the Freya range was gorgeous some really pretty pieces for A/W 2011 2011 has been an exceptional year for the brand on the design front. Three favourites from the lingerie range were the Erin:


And Neive, in both the standard balcony plunge and the long-line versions:

Unfortunately the long-line starts at a 30 back, but still a gorgeous item!

How about introducing a little drama into your lingerie drawer? Freya creates a must-see lingerie collection of fresh looks that fit perfectly.

With plenty of styles and vibrant prints to choose from and with sizing up to a K cup, youll be spoilt for choice.

A few more:

Two things to note are the expansion of the sports bra range into swimming costumes and tankinis for the active swimmer and the new style Deco with a little bit of extra padding. (see slideshow above!)

The new Fantasie range was beautiful although slightly more full coverage and more mature designs than Freya, I still adore this range for a more grown up and sophisticated kind of look. I have always one in particular stood out to me the Lynsey:

Such beautiful colours!

Be young, foolish and happy every single day with the beautiful new collection of lingerie from Fantasie.

With indulgent fabrics, sophisticated styles and effortless support right up to a K cup, youll feel good on the inside, great on the outside and have the confidence to dance like no-one is looking even if they are!

A few more images of the range:

The Elomi range was really impressive and promising. Although catered to a more curvy girl (it caters from a C to JJ cup and from 32- 48 back size) it is great to see a range so young, glamorous and fun for the plus-size girl. The model was raving about the designs and how important it was for the bigger girl to be catered for too everyone deserves to be sexy and Elomi really hit the nail on the head with this stunning collection.

Be confident in yourself and everything else will follow. The new collection of Elomi lingerie for the fuller figure features beautiful styles and luxurious fabrics that will hug, hold and support your curves in all the right places so you can have complete confidence in your great shape.

Fauve, the brands higher-end collection was for me a big hit. Ive never seen much from the brand up close but you can really see where the extra money goes all the extra detailing, embroidery and lush fabrics really give this brand a luxurious feel.

I was so impressed with the range that when offered a complimentary fitting and sample bra I went for a Fauve set. I will be reviewing it very soon!

Finally the latest brand to be taken on by Eveden, Huit 8, a frecnch brand catered to smaller cup sizes had some gorgeous lingerie and bikini sets for the smaller bust they made me extremely jealous that I couldnt try them myself